Hello, welcome to ABC Business Support, where our aim is to make serious business fun.

Using a wealth of business knowledge and experience, ABC works with its clients to offer fundamental business services to help your business grow and develop.

These include:

  • 1-1 intensive business mentoring
  • Freelance sales and marketing support
  • Bespoke projects
  • Mystery shopping
  • Training tailored to fit your business needs

ABC believes in order to get the best for you, it is very important that a strong working relationship is built between us.

Trust, confidentiality, honesty and integrity are essential traits that we believe are vital to build a long term business relationship.

We want you to enjoy the experience of working with us and we actively encourage feedback. In this tough economic climate, it is essential to plan ahead even more than in affluent times.

Have you had a chance to step back recently and look at the business properly ?

Chances are this is difficult if not impossible due to time pressures.

1-1 business mentoring can help you plan ahead by giving you the opportunity to sit back and take a strategic thought process to your business.

A chance to review, reflect, renew and rethink new ways of doing business.

It will challenge you to think in different ways to take you business forward.

Established in 2010 by Angie Beeston, ABC Business Support was created to provide companies with the opportunity for business development, via training, sales and marketing support services and 1-1 business mentoring.

ABC Business Support is based on the South coast and works with companies to help make their business more successful, their team/s more motivated and the overall business more effective.

To date, Angie Beeston has worked with over 40 businesses since 2010, amounting to in excess of 3000 hours of support across all sector types and at every level.

Led by Angie who has many years experience in differing roles (including sales, marketing, operational and commercial) with blue-chip global companies, FTSE 100 listed companies, SME’s, Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer sectors, ABC Business Support works with its clients to:


  • Develop business strategies
  • Give focus and direction
  • Work towards succession planning
  • Help to achieve
  • Challenges
  • Get things done!


Angie is a highly experienced professional offering a wide variety of skills which she brings into the training workshops & seminars.    

Particular areas of specialism include employee engagement, customer service, sales, marketing, business planning and people development.

ABC Business Support has a specialised team of people working with our clients to develop sales and marketing campaigns, from high level strategy planning through to cold calling telesales/telemarketing.

Angie holds a post-graduate degree in business management, sits on several committees for local business groups, and in the spring of 2010 was invited to join the National Task Force Business group which focusses on best practice and development of Employee Engagement for all companies in the UK.   This is headed up by David Mcleod, a leading expert in Employee Engagement activities and author of the white paper published in 2009 entitled “Rules of Engagement”.

ABC Business Support is one of only 100 businesses in the UK to be part of this particular group. 

She has also recently been invited to sit on the Business Solent Ambassador and Associate Champion committee, which actively works to bring businesses together across the whole of the Solent region, extending from Chichester to Weymouth.

She also works closely with local authorities running training workshops with a highly-experienced and qualified international associate team and is in talks with a global bank to develop training for their clientele.

ABC Business Support’s team of associate trainers are expert in their own fields and have extensive experience in global markets offering a plethora of skills.  Backgrounds are as varying as Royal Navy, banks, petro-chemical companies, insurance industry, 5 star leisure and hospitality industry, global car manufacturers and IT companies, to name but a few.   One associate running MBA Lite courses works and trains board directors and management across the globe and his course is used and endorsed by Warwick Business School.

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